Our mission is to make affordable diagnostics available all over the world.

Our mission is to make affordable diagnostics available all over the world. To accomplish this, we are committed to designing great machine learning-powered workflows that our users love to work with. Our international team of medical specialists, engineers and entrepreneurs combines world class engineering with scientific excellence and a hands-on attitude.

Benjamin Strauch Image

Benjamin Strauch

Software Engineer

Maximilian Brandstätter Image

Maximilian Brandstätter

Product Management

Florian Wirth Image

Florian Wirth

Business Development

Dr. Christian Leibig Image

Dr. Christian Leibig

Machine Learning Engineer

Stefan Bunk Image

Stefan Bunk


Dr. Jack Dunger Image

Dr. Jack Dunger

Machine Learning Engineer

Marc Jopson Image

Marc Jopson

Full Stack Engineer

Daniel Barreto Image

Daniel Barreto

Full Stack Engineer

Sven Piechottka Image

Sven Piechottka

Governmental & Regulatory Affairs

Jonas Muff Image

Jonas Muff


Evghenii Kondratenko Image

Evghenii Kondratenko

Full Stack Engineer

Dr. Thijs Kooi Image

Dr. Thijs Kooi

Machine Learning Engineer

Dipti Ganeriwala Image

Dipti Ganeriwala

Product Design

Dr. Moritz Brehmer, MD Image

Dr. Moritz Brehmer, MD

Medical Director

Narendra Joshi Image

Narendra Joshi

Full Stack Engineer

Janette Wiget Image

Janette Wiget


Polina Frantseva Image

Polina Frantseva

Human Resources

Dominik Müller Image

Dominik Müller

Data Engineer

Sören Hornof Image

Sören Hornof

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Anthony May Image

Anthony May

Business Development

Andrew Amis Image

Andrew Amis

Full Stack Engineer

Robert Hite Image

Robert Hite

Director of Business Development

Fridtjof Storde Image

Fridtjof Storde


Our journey began as part of Merantix, Europe’s leading venture studio for Artificial Intelligence. In November 2018, we left the nest and spun off. Still, we will always remain a part of the Merantix family – which helps us stay at the forefront of machine learning technology.

Co-funded by the European Union

Merantix Healthcare’s research and development is co-financed by the European fund for regional development (EFRE). Funds from the Pro FIT program of the “Investitionsbank Berlin” are used to build the underlying machine learning model designed to smartly classify uncritical mammograms such that human experts can focus on the remaining, more ambiguous cases.

Our Values
Hands-On Attitude

We are not afraid of taking decisions and excel at executing them.


We empower people to take responsibility, set their own goals and learn on the job.


100% dedication means challenging each other and pushing things forward as a team.

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We’re a team of over 25 medical specialists, engineers and entrepreneurs. What unites us is our passion for improving healthcare with technology and our deep belief in a culture of ownership and collaboration.

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