Vara: Machine Learning Powered
Radiology Workflows

Human expertise won't be able to match the ever increasing workload in radiology.

That's why we built a machine learning - powered platform for radiologists which reduces repetitive work and enables them to focus on cases which really matter.

Smart Classification image

Smart Classification

Radiologists are held back by an increasing workload of exams without any findings. That’s why we train machine learning models to intelligently rule out normal exams with very high confidence.

We help radiologists focus on detecting cancers in mammography screenings.

The Vara Workflow Image

The Vara Workflow

Powered by machine learning and designed with our users in mind, we make reading medical images as seamless and efficient as possible. We are committed to constantly improving our product.

Our latest workflow solution is tailored for mammography screening.

Our Team

We’re a team of over 20 medical specialists, engineers and entrepreneurs. What unites us is our passion for improving healthcare with technology and our deep belief in a culture of ownership and collaboration.

We're Hiring!

We’re looking for curious minds to join our team in Berlin.